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Content-Based Image Cropper

Image Processing Dynamic Programming TypeScript

Implemented the seam carving algorithm in Java for an Image Processing class. Algorithm identifies edges, then finds the continuous path that crosses the fewest edges in the image, and finally removes that path from the image. The algorithm is repeated until the image is the desired size. Works to stretch and shrink any image asymmetrically.

Since the class has ended, I have been working on replicating it in a web environment using TypeScript and Webpack.

Personal Portfolio Website


My personal website is how I learned to code! Through many iterations over the years, I have always been the sole contributor! As well as creating the site, I run and maintain it on my cloud server. This site has taught me so much about the DevOps workflow and everything that goes into running a website.

Color Based Image Search

Image Processing Color Histograms Java

Created a Java application that can search a database of images in seconds to find similar images. Results are displayed as an HTML file.

How it works: The application generates each image's color histogram and stores it in a database. When querying, the application simply generates a color histogram for the query image and compares it to the database.

Sky Eye Android App

Kotlin Android Development

Created a native android application to view nearby airplanes and their flight paths using Android Studio and Kotlin.


  • See nearby planes
  • Save planes of interest
  • Click on plane to see more info

Music Web App

JS CSS WebSockets Cron

Engineered an application to display my now playing music from Spotify. Utilizes Cron and WebSockets to periodically update. Enables users to add songs to my queue and see what others have added.

Check it out here!

FOSS Contributions

PHPMyAdmin - PR #16899

PHP U2F Yubico JavaScript

Updated the U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) error codes in PHPMyAdmin to follow the Yubico specification.

Quinn Zipse

Quinn Zipse

Software Engineer

Quinn Zipse

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